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High authority backlinks from blogs in your niche
[pt_price_list uniq_id=”5c07aa17d7f32″ desktop_cols=”4″ css=”.vc_custom_1575996815500{background-position: center !important;background-repeat: no-repeat !important;background-size: contain !important;}”][pt_price_list_item heading=”DA10+ Blog Posts” price=”{$}69″ options=”+Moz DA10+ Blog Posts
+100% Real Outreach
+750+ Words Content
+Native English Writers
+10-20 Day Turnaround” custom_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fdashboard.linkredible.com%2Fcart.php%3Fgid%3D3|title:Order%20Now||” price_color=”#66cdb8″ link_color=”#66cdb8″ period=”Per Month” accent_color=”#66cdb8″][pt_price_list_item heading=”DA20+ Blog Posts” price=”{$}109″ options=”+Moz DA20+ Blog Posts
+100% Real Outreach
+750+ Words Content
+Native English Writers
+10-20 Day Turnaround” custom_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fdashboard.linkredible.com%2Fcart.php%3Fgid%3D9|title:Order%20Now||” price_color=”#66cdb8″ link_color=”#66cdb8″][pt_price_list_item heading=”DA30+ Blog Posts” price=”{$}139″ options=”+Moz DA30+ Blog Posts
+100% Real Outreach
+750+ Words Content
+Native English Writers
+10-20 Day Turnaround” custom_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fdashboard.linkredible.com%2Fcart.php%3Fgid%3D10|title:Order%20Now||” price_color=”#66cdb8″ link_color=”#66cdb8″][pt_price_list_item heading=”DA40+ Blog Posts” price=”{$}279″ price_color=”#66cdb8″ options=”+Moz DA40+ Blog Posts
+100% Real Outreach
+1000+ Words Content
+Native English Writers
+10-30 Day Turnaround” link_color=”#66cdb8″ custom_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fdashboard.linkredible.com%2Fcart.php%3Fgid%3D13|title:Order%20Now||”][/pt_price_list]
Looking for even higher DA posts? Check out our DA50+ blogger outreach service.
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Our blogger outreach service is as good as it gets for high-authority, white-hat link building. These high-quality, in-content links are the type of links you typically cannot buy and are the best types of links for boosting your rankings and getting relevant traffic.

We start by writing high-quality blog posts which mention your website naturally within the flow of the content. We then manually reach out to high-authority bloggers in your niche and negotiate placement of the content on their blog. The authority from these blogs passes link juice and ranking signals back to your website.

[pt_icon_box_type2 icon_color=”#66cdb8″][pt_icon_box_type2_item icon_fontawesome=”web-design-icon-launch” heading=”High Power Backlinks”][pt_icon_box_type2_item icon_fontawesome=”web-design-icon-conversation” heading=”100% Manual Outreach”][pt_icon_box_type2_item icon_fontawesome=”marketing-icon-target” heading=”Targeted Traffic”][pt_icon_box_type2_item icon_fontawesome=”marketing-icon-promotion” heading=”Real Brand Exposure”][/pt_icon_box_type2]
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Our blogger outreach service packs Linkredible features
[pt_icon_box cols=”col3″ icon_color=”#7bdac7″ heading_color=”#ffffff” text_color=”#dddddd”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”web-design-icon-conversation” heading=”Manually Negotiated Links” desc=”After writing your content our outreach team manually negotiates with bloggers which we have pre-established relationships with to have it placed on a high authority blog in your niche.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”web-design-icon-web-development” heading=”100% Real Blogs” desc=”We only submit content to 100% real authority blogs which are ranking in Google and already have high quality content published on them, with a real owners and a real readership.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”web-design-icon-link” heading=”High Power Backlinks” desc=”Our outreach service gives you high power backlinks from real authority blogs in your niche. This is about as good as it gets when it comes to SEO and link building.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”marketing-icon-stats-1″ heading=”Targeted Traffic” desc=”We reach out to high authority blogs which are ranking in Google and have solid traffic and readership. This can also bring highly targeted traffic to your website as well as SEO results.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”event-icon-award” heading=”High Quality Metrics” desc=”We use many metrics to analyze the quality of all of the blogs which we outreach to. This ensures that you get the highest quality of links and the best possible results.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”event-icon-hat” heading=”White Hat Strategy” desc=”Our outreach strategy is a very safe, legitimate, white-hat strategy where links are gained through real outreach and hard-earned relationships developed over many years.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”web-design-icon-project” heading=”Professionally Written Content” desc=”Our writer’s handcraft high quality, professional content which is share-worthy and valuable to readers of the blogs. We don’t produce SEO focused content that sounds unnatural.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”marketing-icon-promotion” heading=”Real Brand Exposure” desc=”Our outreach service can also generate fantastic exposure for your brand or products and services from readers who have a genuine interest in learning about that topic.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”marketing-icon-target” heading=”High Niche Relevancy” desc=”Both the blogs which we reach out to and the content we produce are highly relevant to your niche and brand. This ensures your backlinks will have high relevancy and look natural.”][/pt_icon_box]
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Build your blogger outreach campaign with just a few clicks
[pt_work_steps][pt_work_steps_item step_num=”01″ heading=”Enter Your Inputs” text=”We have made it as simple as possible for you to get started. All we need from you is a few inputs such as your website URL, anchor texts, preferred topics etc. Our team will then start writing content and pitching it to bloggers for you and your clients.” link=”|||”][pt_work_steps_item step_num=”02″ heading=”We Write & Outreach” text=”You can monitor the progress of your blogger outreach campaign from within your Linkredible dashboard. It will display real-time updates as each task is completed by various members of our oureach team.” link=”|||”][pt_work_steps_item step_num=”03″ heading=”Download Your Reports” text=”After your blog posts have gone live, you will have access to your blogger outreach report in your dashboard. You will see live links to all blog posts ordered. You can brand your report with your own logo and deliver it to your clients.” link=”|||”][/pt_work_steps]
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[pt_special_heading uniq_id=”” heading_size=”h4″ heading=”Frequently Asked” css=”.vc_custom_1574189831982{margin-bottom: 17px !important;}” heading_size_value=”24px” heading_color_hex=”#ffffff”][/pt_special_heading]
Check out our frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered, use the form on thr right to contact our team.
[pt_accordion uniq_id=”5dcdac20a6721″][pt_accordion_item open=”” name=”What is a blogger outreach service?” text=”Reaching out to bloggers and securing blog posts is a very time-consuming task. You have to start by identifying relevant blogs in your niche and then pitch blog post ideas to them. After they have been approved you then have to write a high-quality content piece and hope that is approved by the target blog.

Our blogger outreach service takes the hassle out of this laborious process as we have spent years building relationships with thousands of blogs in just about every niche you can think of. We work in collaboration with blog owners and write a content piece that is suitable for publishing on their blog. Our posts are also published under the blogger’s own name, so there are no guest author boxes. This makes the content look incredibly natural and editorial.”][pt_accordion_item text=”Yes, our outreach strategy is very safe and just about as good as it gets when it comes to manually securing natural and powerful white hat links from real authority websites. The blog posts are written in a very natural way which offer value to the blogs readers. This is not spammy content solely designed to get links. It is much more than that.

Our content is written in a way that delivers value to the blogs readers and actually ranks in the search engines. The bloggers who we have relationships will not accept anything which doesn’t deliver value to their readers.” name=”Is blogger outreach a safe strategy?”][pt_accordion_item text=”Our blogger outreach service is better than a guest posting service as the links that we create will be embedded naturally within the body of the content, instead of within the author bio section of typical guest blog post.” name=”How does this compare to a guest posting service?”][pt_accordion_item text=”We have a team of UK and USA based writers who write exceptional quality content in a professional tone. The blogs which we post to are high authority blogs and they only accept high quality content, so rest assured your brand will only be affiliated with top notch content.” name=”Who writes the content for the blog posts?”][pt_accordion_item text=”DA stands for Domain Authority. Domain Authority is a metric calculated by Moz.com for all established websites on the internet. We use the DA metric to determine the quality of blogs we publish content to. Our blogger outreach service guarantees posts on blogs ranging from DA10+ to DA50+. A DA10+ post will guarantee a post on a blog with a DA of 10 or higher. A DA30+ post will guarantee a post on a blog with a DA of 30 or higher, and so on.” name=”What does DA stand for?”][pt_accordion_item text=”You can if you wish, but the quality will have to be reviewed by our outreach team to make sure it is up to the high quality standard that our partners require before publishing it to their blogs. If you plan to write your own content, please have it ready before placing your order to prevent any delays.” name=”Can I write my own content?”][pt_accordion_item name=”Can I review the content before it is posted?” text=”Unfortunately not. In order for us to maintain our fast turnaround times and keep our processes as streamlined as possible, keep our costs down and pass those savings onto you, we cannot take requests to review the content before it is published.”][pt_accordion_item name=”Where are the links placed?” text=”The links are real in-content links, meaning they are placed within the body of the content and nowhere else. We do not place your links within author boxes.”][/pt_accordion]

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Use the form below to ask us any questions you have about this service if it is not answered to the left.

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We have a wide range of clients across many industries, from small SEO agencies to major international corporations