[pt_special_heading uniq_id=”” heading_size=”h1″ text_align=”tac” heading=”Local Citation Building Service” css=”.vc_custom_1574364773990{margin-bottom: 17px !important;}” heading_size_value=”40px” sub_heading_color_hex=”#ffffff” heading_color_hex=”#ffffff”][/pt_special_heading]
Manually built powerful local business citations
[pt_price_list uniq_id=”5c07aa17d7f32″ desktop_cols=”4″ css=”.vc_custom_1575995859814{background-position: center !important;background-repeat: no-repeat !important;background-size: contain !important;}”][pt_price_list_item heading=”40 Local Citations” price=”{$}59″ options=”+40 Local Citations
+Manually Built Citations
+Only $1.48 Per Citation
+Any Country Supported
+10 Day Turnaround” custom_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fdashboard.linkredible.com%2Fcart.php%3Fa%3Dadd%26pid%3D22|title:Order%20Now||” price_color=”#c02c55″ link_color=”#c02c55″][pt_price_list_item heading=”120 Local Citations” price=”{$}159″ options=”+120 Local Citations
+Manually Built Citations
+Only $1.33 Per Citation
+14 Day Turnaround” custom_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fdashboard.linkredible.com%2Fcart.php%3Fa%3Dadd%26pid%3D24|title:Order%20Now||” price_color=”#c02c55″ link_color=”#c02c55″][pt_price_list_item heading=”200 Local Citations” price=”{$}299″ price_color=”#c02c55″ options=”+200 Local Citations
+Manually Built Citations
+Only $1.30 Per Citation
+14 Day Turnaround” link_color=”#c02c55″ custom_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fdashboard.linkredible.com%2Fcart.php%3Fa%3Dadd%26pid%3D101|title:Order%20Now||”][pt_price_list_item heading=”350 Local Citations” price=”{$}419″ price_color=”#c02c55″ options=”+350 Local Citations
+Manually Built Citations
+Only $1.20 Per Citation
+USA Supported
+21 Day Turnaround” link_color=”#c02c55″ custom_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fdashboard.linkredible.com%2Fcart.php%3Fa%3Dadd%26pid%3D42|title:Order%20Now||”][/pt_price_list]
Looking for a different quantity? Check out our full range of local citation packages.
[pt_special_heading uniq_id=”5bffe132d77a0″ heading_size=”h3″ font_weight=”700″ heading=”Manually Built Local Business Citations” sub_heading_color_hex=”#758092″ line_height=”48px”][/pt_special_heading]

Our local citation building strategy is backed by data from analyzing thousands of websites and GMB pages. Our team start by auditing your website to identify a custom list of high-quality and relevant citation opportunities which are unique to your business.

Our citation building team then submit your business information to local business directories, social sites and niche directories and claim and edit any incorrect listings where applicable to ensure you have consistent NAP (Name/Address/Phone) data. This will help your business to rank in the Google local pack.

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Our local citation service has Linkredible features
[pt_icon_box cols=”col3″ icon_color=”#c02c55″ text_color=”#dddddd” heading_color=”#ffffff”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”marketing-icon-stats-1″ heading=”Increased Search Traffic” desc=”Our local citations are designed to bring you higher search engine rankings for local terms as well as global terms, resulting in increased search engine traffic to your website.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”marketing-icon-international” heading=”Directory Traffic & Exposure” desc=”Premium directories such as YP and Yelp get a huge amount of daily traffic. Having your website listed in hundreds of them can bring a lot of direct traffic to your website too.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”event-icon-award” heading=”Increased Website Authority” desc=”Both the citations and links built in our local citation packages help to increase your websites authority, trustworthiness and how it is perceived and ultimately ranked by the search engines.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”marketing-icon-conection” heading=”Manually Created” desc=”All citations are manually researched and built by our team, ensuring you get the most accurate and relevant citations possible with all necessary information included.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”marketing-icon-list” heading=”Guaranteed NAP Consistency” desc=”It is essential that all of your citations have matching NAP (Name, Address, Phone) information. We guarantee 100% consistency across all citations.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”web-design-icon-testing” heading=”No Duplicates” desc=”We check all directories first before submitting your business to ensure it isn’t already listed. If it is we will submit to a different directory. We never submit to the same one twice.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”marketing-icon-viral” heading=”Trusted Authority Directories” desc=”Our team scrutinizes every directory that we submit to, ensuring all directories are indexed, trusted and ranked by the search engines, giving you the highest quality directories possible.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”web-design-icon-target” heading=”Niche Directories Included” desc=”In addition to submitting to many high traffic general local directories, we also research your industry and competitors to find relevant directories to list your business in.”][pt_icon_box_item icon_fontawesome=”web-design-icon-project” heading=”Full Report Provided” desc=”A full report is provided with all the live directory listings, as well as any that are pending approval or require additional verification steps such as phone or address verification.”][/pt_icon_box]
[pt_special_heading uniq_id=”” heading_size=”h3″ text_align=”tac” heading=”How It Works” css=”.vc_custom_1573134114313{margin-bottom: 17px !important;}” heading_size_value=”40px”][/pt_special_heading]
Build your citation building campaign with just a few clicks
[pt_work_steps][pt_work_steps_item step_num=”01″ heading=”Enter Your Inputs” text=”We have made it as simple as possible for you to get started. All we need from you is a few inputs such as your website URL, name, address, phone number etc. Our team will then start building powerful local citations for you and your clients.” link=”|||”][pt_work_steps_item step_num=”02″ heading=”We Build Your Citations” text=”You can monitor the progress of your citation building campaign from within your Linkredible dashboard. It will display real-time updates as each task is completed by various members of our citation building team.” link=”|||”][pt_work_steps_item step_num=”03″ heading=”Download Your Report” text=”After your citation building campaign has been completed by our team, you will have access to your citation report in your dashboard. You will have full access to all of your citation profiles including login information. You can brand your report with your own logo and deliver it to your clients.” link=”|||”][/pt_work_steps]
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[pt_special_heading uniq_id=”” heading_size=”h4″ heading=”Frequently Asked” css=”.vc_custom_1574189831982{margin-bottom: 17px !important;}” heading_size_value=”24px” heading_color_hex=”#ffffff”][/pt_special_heading]
Check out our frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered, use the form on thr right to contact our team.
[pt_accordion uniq_id=”5dcdac20a6721″][pt_accordion_item open=”” name=”Are the citations built manually?” text=”Yes absolutely. We have a large citation building team solely dedicated to manually building citations by visiting our database of local directory sites and social sites and submitting your companies details. We do it the same way you would do it if you were to manually build citations for your own company, but our team are experts at doing it so they are likely much faster.”][pt_accordion_item text=”Yes. All of your citations will have consistent NAP information so they help improve your Google local listing as well as local listings for other search engines. We check and recheck the NAP before and after submission, just before delivering your report to guarantee 100% consistency.” name=”Will my citations have accurate information?”][pt_accordion_item text=”We complete a citation audit before working on your order to ensure that no duplication citations are built. If we find that a citation already exists and is correct then we will move onto creating a citation on a different directory. If we find that the citation is incorrect, we will attempt to claim the listing and update the information.” name=”Will I get duplicate citations?”][pt_accordion_item text=”Yes you can. We do our best to include relevant niche local directory citations in your report, as well as the popular generic directories such as Yell, Yelp, Manta etc. However, if there’s any specific sites you would like to request citations from then you can ask your campaign manager at the start of your campaign.” name=”Can I request specific sites to have citations built on?”][pt_accordion_item text=”Each of the local directories that we submit to has it’s own publishing and approval schedule. Some citations will be live within a few days and others might take weeks or months to be approved. As a result, you may see results within a few weeks, but most of the movement will come after a few months of completing your order.” name=”How long will it take for me to see results?”][pt_accordion_item text=”We cannot guarantee that all of the citations that we create will go live. When creating your local citation order you are paying for the manual labour for a member of our team to submit the information. We don’t have any control over the approval process of the submissions once they are in the hands of the directory. Some submissions will go live instantly, but smaller city-specific or niche sites are managed by a single person who has to manually review the submissions. If they are getting hundreds or thousands of submissions as day then this can take time. For a typical order, approximately 30% will be live at the time of delivering your report. The rest will go live over the following months.” name=”Do you guarantee that my listings will go live?”][/pt_accordion]
[pt_special_heading uniq_id=”” heading_size=”h4″ heading=”Ask Our Team” css=”.vc_custom_1574189826007{margin-bottom: 17px !important;}” heading_size_value=”24px” heading_color_hex=”#ffffff”][/pt_special_heading]
Use the form below to ask us any questions you have about this service if it is not answered to the left.

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We have a wide range of clients across many industries, from small SEO agencies to major international corporations